Le Mans Disease

Beware of Le Mans Enthusiasts: Highly Infectuous to Males of all Ages

The symptoms: The sufferer becomes confused and bewildered when not near Le Mans. Will be observed wandering around with blank expression, muttering strange words. Rapid rise in temperature at sight of a Le Mans sportscar. Behaviour then becomes erratic: Much rushing about and waving of arms. Foaming at mouth is not unusual. Is sometimes violent to non-believers. The patient spends much time and money at books, DVD´s, and model shops. Seems not to notice presence of “normal” people.

This condition is not fatal!

The treatment: Patient must be kept well supplied with items of Le Mans interest. Should be encouraged to go to Le Mans at least every two years, where he can meet other victims of the illness and exchange ideas with them. Friends and relations can aid recovery with free transport and tickets, free French wine and meals. In case of emergency contact your nearest preservation society or the official Le Mans ticket office.

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